A Formal Garden


Location Dartry
Year 2019
Type Large Urban Garden
Duration 4 weeks
01 —

This was originally an old, tired garden attached to a period property in South Dublin and the client’s brief was to build a stylish contemporary garden with a home office.

At the heart of this garden and integral to the design process was the existing mature apple tree which was retained, giving the garden a unique natural sculpture-like feature. A bespoke home office (by Shomera) was installed at the bottom of the garden behind the tree and acts as a stunning architectural backdrop to the garden. A low drystone granite feature wall was constructed to frame the apple tree and modern home office whilst providing practical outdoor seating. An outdoor fireplace on the terrace immediately in front of the home office extends the usability of this space as the family can gather here to relax on a warm summer’s evening. A bespoke outdoor sculpture of a hare (by Irish sculptor Donnach Cahill at The Kildare Gallery) can be seen from the home office and adds further interest to the understated simplicity of this garden. Several Osmanthus ball hedges were planted underneath the apple tree to add interest and enhance a sense of maturity in the garden. This idea was followed through with the planting of mature Taxus hedges to both frame the central rectangular lawn and to give an evergreen framework to the garden boundaries. A single row of pleached hornbeams planted on both sides of the garden provide privacy and a green height to the garden. Three large granite balls placed at the end of the  garden path enhance a sense of equilibrium by offsetting the straight clean lines of the garden design. This beautiful contemporary garden offers a beguiling simplicity in its modern design.

A Formal Garden (Dartry) jpg
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