A Cloister Garden

Deer Park, Castleknock

Location Castleknock
Year 2018
Type Large Garden
Duration 6 weeks
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A sense of an old romantic country estate garden was key to the design of this large purpose-built garden beside the Phoenix Park entrance in North Dublin.

The client wanted an inward-looking garden that afforded the family a sense of privacy and serenity and a sheltered space for outdoor dining. At the heart of the garden is a bespoke traditional oak gazebo that looks out onto a manicured lawn and provides a beautiful space for summer dining and shelter from the sun. A vintage Chilstone Roman urn placed nearby adds to the classic charm of this garden. A simple light stone gravel path frames the garden on all sides linking to interconnecting geometric paths edged with rows low box hedges.

Cloister Garden (Deerpark) 20
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The cloister effect was achieved by creating these serene walks around the whole garden.

A circular gravel path around an armillary provides a second focal point of interest for the garden. Privacy is maintained throughout the garden by the main framework of the planting of mature trees, including an avenue of pleached hornbeams and evergreen oaks. The overriding feel of the garden is classic elegance that keeps the proportions of the garden in balance with the large bespoke traditional style family house. The connection between house and garden within the parkland suburban setting is beautifully executed.

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