Project Description

This was a large suburban garden in North Dublin that had an additional area of dead space 7m2 facing off a new kitchen/ breakfast extension to the family house. The brief was to carry out some landscaping to the main back garden, while the focus of the project was to transform the additional dead space that was independent of the main garden. This was done by creating an exotic and contemporary courtyard garden that could be used for relaxation and entertaining. The client also wanted to enjoy a view of the courtyard garden while sitting at the breakfast table. Bespoke features included a water feature in the form of a reflecting pool made from mild steel to create an atmosphere of tranquillity in the garden. Bespoke tapered steel hedge bookends were installed as an architectural feature adding interest to the garden. Larch slatted screening with bands of black charred slats were used on the courtyard walls to enhance the tropical feel of the garden. As the client has a strong connection with Kerry, planting included a Killarney Strawberry tree (Arbutus Unedo), an Eriobotrya japonica tree and tree ferns to further enhance the exotic design. Garden lightening included a zinc down light and several spotlights to complete a spectacular look at night.

Project Details

Location Ongar Green, North Dublin
Type Large suburban garden & additional courtyard garden
Duration 2 Weeks
Details Larch screen fencing with black bands of charred slats, granite cobblestone paving, bespoke reflecting pool, tapered steel hedge bookends (architectural feature), Zinc down light & several spotlights on specimen planting: Killarney Strawberry tree, Tree ferns & Eriobotrya japonica tree.




Concept Design

We provide an initial garden design based on the client’s brief and initial free consultation.


An estimate is provided once the design concept has been agreed by the client.


A final 3D design of the garden is confirmed by us. This ensures that the garden design we create is exactly as visualised by the client.


A written quotation based on the final design is submitted to the client by KHS Landscaping Ltd. 

Project Plan

All our clients are given a time phase project plan which means all our projects have an agreed start date and finish date that is guaranteed.


An aftercare service is offered on an appointment only basis for our clients who wish to ensure their gardens are kept in peak condition at all times.

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